Author name: Adam

Author, Digital Nomad and Virtual Assistant, Adam spends his time wandering the planet, kayaking and writing.

Connect with your audience

If you want to connect with your audience, you have to put yourself in their shoes. Your customers are people, first and foremost. They’re individuals with wants, needs, desires and pain points. Once you understand these, understand who they are and what they want, everything else becomes so much easier. If you have a genuine

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Content Creation

Content creation is king! If you’re not producing high-quality work on a regular basis it’s easy to get lost in the noise. If you’re lucky enough to create something that goes viral then you can ride that wave, but that’s a rare day at the office. Real, dependable, reliable success comes from creating well researched,

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competitive research nomadic va

Competition Research

Competition research conjures images of sneaking around, spying on people and doing something underhand. Let’s knock that silliness out of the park straight away. Achieving greatness doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel. It means being smart, knowing what’s working and implementing a better strategy than everyone else. Unless you’re creating a brand new product which is

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how to get stuff done nomadic va

How to get stuff done

Whatever your goals online, be it growing your brand, launching a new product or just staying relevant, there’s a lot to do! If you want to continue growing your audience, driving more traffic and increasing your sales you can’t afford to stand still. You have to push yourself. Sounds easy when you say it like

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Virtual Assistant FAQ

If you’ve never worked with a virtual assistant before you may have no idea what we do, how we work, how to hire one or how we can help your business. That’s why we created this Virtual Assistant FAQ. Hopefully it answers many of those questions. We”ll update it as new questions come in, so

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